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Many people dream of changing their career and improving their lifestyle until it’s too late and then find the opportunity has passed them by.  MPH Driving Academy Instructor Training can offer you the solution to finally make your dreams become a reality.

Your Opportunity is Right Now.

The chance to be in control of your future and choose the days and hours you work. Become your own boss and work locally as a driving instructor with the MPH Driving Academy.

As a local business, we very much have a vested interest in your future.  It’s important that we not only offer you the training to become a fully qualified driving instructor but also offer you the opportunity of a position with our driving school once qualified.  Alternatively, you may wish to launch your own business and be completely independent, the choice is all yours.

We’ve put together what we believe is a great Instructor Training package that will give you the best chance of qualifying to become a driving instructor.

We offer a personal 1-1 service throughout the course and will be with you every step of the way from your first assessment drive right through to the day when you qualify.

You will receive help and assistance at every step of the qualifying process and we will remain on hand with career guidance, business advice and personal development once you have become a fully qualified driving instructor.

Our ADI Training Courses are part time and follow a highly successful training structure. There is plenty of flexibility built in so that training can be arranged around your current commitments, this way you can work at your own pace.

Driving instructor training is most effective when carried out at regular intervals for short periods of time (2 -4 hours). This keeps you in frequent contact with your trainer, constantly motivated and allows adequate time for your home study between training sessions.


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    The following information will give you a brief insight into what is required to become a driving instructor.  Useful links to are at the bottom of the page.

    Firstly, you will need to check that you meet the requirements to become a driving instructor.

    If you meet the requirements, you can then start the application process.  To begin with you will need to apply for a DBS check.

    You will then be able to apply to start the ADI qualifying process..

    There are three ADI qualifying tests.

    Part 1

    The first part of the process is an advanced theory test.  The test lasts 1hr 45mins and includes: Multi choice questions and hazard perception.

    You will be asked 100 questions in total.  There are 25 questions in each of the 4 categories.

    Road procedure.

    Traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge.

    Driving test, disabilities, and the law.

    Publications and instructional techniques.

    You will need an overall score of at least 85 out of 100, and at least 20 out of 25 in each of the four categories.

    You will then be shown a video clip explaining how the hazard perception works, followed by 14 clips that feature everyday road scenarios.  There will be: 1 developing hazard in 13 of the clips and 2 developing hazards in 1 of the clips.  You can score a maximum of 5 points for each hazard and will need 57 points out of 75 to pass this part.

    Part 2

    The second part of the qualifying process is an advanced driving test.  The test will last around one hour and consists of 5 parts.

    Eyesight check.

    ‘Show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions.

    General driving ability.


    Independent driving.

    You must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 26.5 metre (for vehicles with a new style number plate).  You’ll be asked 3 ‘tell me’ questions at the start of your test, before any driving, and then 2 ‘show me’ questions while you are driving.  You’re general drive must show the examiner that you have expert handling of the controls, use the correct road procedure, anticipate the actions of other road users and then take appropriate action, show sound judgement of distance speed and timing, show consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users and drive in an environmentally friendly manner.  You will also be asked to do 2 of the following reversing exercises; parallel park at the side of the road, reverse into a parking bay and drive out, drive into a parking bay and reverse out, pull up on the right hand side of the road – reverse for around 2 car lengths and then re-join the traffic. Finally you will have to drive for about 20 minutes independently, following either directions from a sat nav or traffic signs.

    To pass part 2 you must not commit more than 6 driving faults, and no serious or dangerous faults.

    Part 3

    The final part of the qualifying process is where a Driver and vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) examiner will watch you give a client centred driving lesson lasting about 60 minutes to one of your pupils.  You’re pupil can be a partly trainer learner, a fully trained learner or a full licence holder.

    You’ll be marked on 17 areas of competence that are grouped into 3 categories;

    Lesson planning.

    Risk management.

    Teaching and learning strategies.

    You will score between 0-3 in each of the 17 competencies and require over 30 to pass. 31-42 will score a grade B, whilst 43-51 will score a grade A.  However if you scored less than 7 on risk management it would result in an automatic fail.

    If you have been successful you can then apply for your first ADI badge.


    Read the guide to the ADI register.

    Get a criminal record check to become and ADI.

    Apply to start the ADI qualifying process.

    Book your Part 1 test.

    Book your Part 2 test.

    Book you Part 3 Test.

    Apply for your ADI badge.