All websites must inform visitors if they employ cookies AND must get explicit permission from them to store the information. This clearly has implications for many thousands of website owners, given that the majority of websites use cookies. The MPH Driving Academy website  – just as almost any other website – uses cookies to improve their user’s experience for online tasks. Most noticable saving login details, form submissions and gathering statistical visitor information via Google Analytics. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the organisation that will “police” this directive and has released guidance about how this should be done. The ICO website is also a good example of how compliance may be sought – with the use of a pop-up window approach – MPH Driving Academy have also adopted this approach.


Cookies are fragments of data sent through the web server and stored on your hard drive. Cookies cannot read the files stored on your computer, nor can they gather any private or personal information about you on your computer. The purpose of cookies are to monitor the traffic on our website, so we know which pages you have visited and how much time you spent on a particular page and which browser, etc, you are using. Cookies are also used to remember key information for you making it easier for you to browse our website the next time you look at our pages. MPH Driving Academy does not sell this information to advertisers, nor does it change your computer settings. You can also reset your browser to refuse cookies or to notify you when a cookie is sent, although doing this may interfere with the quality and speed of your browsing experience on our website, since some features may not work as they were intended.