About MPH Driving Academy

Based in Hampton Hargate, Peterborough and set up by local resident Mark Peter Howes in 2007, the MPH Driving Academy is available for driving lessons in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

Choosing a driving school or individual driving instructor is a big decision, and one which has a significant bearing on how successful you are likely to be.  To think that all schools or instructors are the same would be a big mistake.  A good instructor could significantly reduce the amount of hours you’ll need and the cost you’ll incur in achieving your target.  Cost is always going to be a consideration but choosing the cheapest can often prove to be a false economy.  For example, 40 hours @ £30 an hour will lead to a total spend of £1200, whilst a cheaper instructor charging £27 an hour but taking 50 hours will cost £1350 in total.  We will always be competitive with our pricing but believe in what we do and the quality we provide and therefore may not be the cheapest you can find.


The MPH Driving Academy guarantees to only use fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructors. This may sound obvious, but it is something you should always check.  Many instructors are only provisionally qualified and therefore haven’t yet passed their exams, in fact only about 3/10 will go on to pass their exams.  Ask the question or check in the car – all instructors must display their licence clearly when giving instruction (usually on the windscreen).  A fully qualified instructor will have a green octagonal licence, whilst a provisional instructor will display a pink triangular licence.

The MPH Driving Academy also guarantees to:

  • Arrive on time
  • Be smart and well presented in a clean and well maintained car
  • Plan each lesson individually to your needs
  • Teach for the full length of your lesson
  • Not to carry other pupils as passengers during your lesson

Whether you’re a complete beginner aged 17 and above, someone wishing to undertake Pass Plus training, an experienced driver wanting additional training in a specific area, or someone who wants to learn the economic and environmental benefits of eco-friendly driving, we aim to deliver a professional, high quality and value for money service.

Our aim is to follow the principles set out by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) and to encourage and develop safe driving for life amongst all those that learn with us. We’ll tailor each and every lesson to the specific needs of the pupil giving you the best chance of achieving your goal, whatever it may be.


If you choose not to use our services here are a couple of recommendations to improve your chances of success:

  • Choose a slot that you can have every week, continuity helps learning.
  • Have a 2 hr lesson instead of single hours, the lessons are more productive and the learning quicker.
  • Ask questions, instructors expect them and again it aids your learning.

If you have any questions prior to learning, whatever they may be, please ask.

For those wishing to learn to drive with the MPH Driving Academy, we will assist in not only the practical skills of driving, but also help with the theory test too by providing free access to Theory Test Pro.

ABOUT Theory Test Pro

Whilst learning to drive you might like to, and it is beneficial wherever possible to also undertake private practice.  One of the barriers to this is often the cost of insurance.  To help with this we’ve now teamed up with a few insurance companies who provide special premiums for those having lessons with an approved driving instructor.

1. Towergate Insurance– click the highlighted text to go to their website, and when prompted for your instructor’s reference use code – 326108.  You can also contact via phone on 0844 980 8192

2. Collingwood Insurance – click the highlighted text to go to their website, and again when prompted use discount code – 326108.

3. Marmalade – Depending on what type of insurance you want to purchase you need to follow the relavant link.  For insurance whilst learning to driver go to: Learner Driver Insurance.  For insurance after you’ve passed go to New Driver Insurance,  and for insurance as a package together with a car go to Cars for Young Drivers.

4. National Learner Driver Insurance – click on the highlighted text to be taken to the sign up page in conjunction with the MPH Driving Academy.

You can now stay in touch with us and keep up to date with all things MPH Driving Academy by following us on either Facebook, Twitter or by watching us on YouTube.

We’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals.