It’s a big decision deciding which driving school / instructor to trust with your driving lessons.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a read about what real people who’ve taken their driving lessons and passed their practical driving test with the MPH Driving Academy have to say.

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customer review
Kylie Lee – Hampton Vale, Peterborough

Stoked on my first time pass!!  Mark was a great driving instructor.  Very informative with his teaching skills. Would highly recommend Mark to those who are thinking about learning to drive,

Szymon Seliga – Hampton Hargate, Peterborough

Mark is a fantastic instructor. Professional, punctual and patient.  He relays his knowledge in an easy to digest way which in turn puts his students at ease. I would recommend MPH Driving Academy and Mark in particular to everyone who starts their journey with driving, without hesitation. Top man!

Simona Titova – Hampton, Peterborough

I was very scared to learn to drive and was putting it off for years.  I’m so happy I chose MPH Driving Academy for my lessons. Mark put me at ease at the very beginning and was professional with teaching me all I needed to know.  Happy to say I passed my test on the first try!! Extremely happy and grateful for such a good teacher! Thank you!!

Eleanor Dean – Farcet, Peterborough

Had a great experience with Mark as an instructor.  The lessons were enjoyable, always started on time and never finished early.  Great teaching, organised and really patient.  The feedback provided at the end of each lesson was particularly good as I was provided with a summary of the drive that highlighted areas to focus on during private practice and the next lessons.  Thank you so much for getting me through my test – would definitely recommend MPH Driving Academy to anyone looking to book lessons in Peterborough.

Scott Bowen - driving lessons Peterborough
Scott Bowen – Yaxley, Peterborough

Mark has been a fantastic driving  instructor for our son, ensuring that he built confidence throughout all of his driving lessons and was absolutely ready for his practical test.
He has been patient and reassuring throughout and as a result we were delighted that he passed his practical test first time.  The ability to book blocks of lessons was great for budgeting and Mark’s communication is excellent.
If you are looking for a driving instructor for yourself or your teenager we would not hesitate in recommending MPH Driving Academy.

Emily Venner – Yaxley, Peterborough

Mark from MPH Driving Academy has been great at supporting our daughter to pass her driving test first time. His careful and kind guidance has helped to develop her confidence and he’s been happy for us as parents to top up taking her out to get further experience on the roads. I’d definitely recommend him to others as he’s been excellent.
Thanks Mark so much. Our daughter is delighted to have passed to her test and have her full driving licence.

Yvonne - driving lessons Hampton Peterborough
Yvonne Maphosa – Hampton Hargate, Peterborough

Thanks to Mark for being supportive and patient. At the start of every lesson, Mark would ask if there was anything specific I wanted to work on. I was given constant feedback throughout the drive and a summary at the end of each lesson. It really helped me and I passed first time. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for driving lessons in Peterborough!

Chloe Chance - driving lessons Gunthorpe Peterborough
Chloe Chance – Gunthorpe, Peterborough

Last week I passed my driving test 1st time and couldn’t recommend MPH Driving Academy more! Mark taught me for 2 hours every week and is a fantastic instructor. I always felt calm and comfortable and learnt from my mistakes. My driving lessons were enjoyable, flexible and productive. Thanks again Mark/MPH Driving Academy.

Holly Grinnell - driving lessons Peterborough
Holly Grinnell – Glinton, Peterborough

Learning to drive with the MPH Driving Academy was such an amazing experience for me. They made learning to drive so fun and easy, I have genuinely loved every minute of it!  I Would definitely recommend to everyone, Mark and the company ensured that I passed first time and I would 100% recommend them to everyone!

Ethan Debell - driving lessons Hampton Hargate Peterborough
Ethan Debell – Hampton Hargate, Peterborough

I found out about the MPH Driving Academy through word of mouth from my friends, and chose them because of the reviews I’d seen. They were good and had plenty of people recommending the company. I found the experience of driving with yourself of a very high quality.  It wasn’t as I expected and I thought it would have taken me longer to pass my test as I have friends still learning who started before me!  Everything was explained well, and not over complicated which made the experience a lot easier.  Mark was always on time for the start of lessons and in all areas I found him to be a great instructor.  I don’t have any negatives about my driving lessons with MPH Driving Academy and will be recommending to anyone who is looking to learn to drive

Hollie Baker - driving lessons Peterborough
Holly Baker – Hampton Vale, Peterborough

I chose MPH Driving Academy because lots of my friends had already taken their driving lessons with them and had given me very positive reports.  I can’t thank Mark enough for all the help and guidance he gave me throughout this whole experience.  My driving lessons were fun and informative.  I was always encouraged and felt that I was progressing all the time. I would defiantly recommend MPH Driving Academy to anyone who is looking to start learning to drive.

Charlie - driving lessons Yaxley, Peterborough
Charlie Baxter – Yaxley, Peterborough

I found MPH Driving Academy through word of mouth and I looked at his website which had all the information I needed.
I found the experience of learning to drive good. It was challenging in a good way and I enjoyed the learning process.
Mark was friendly and pleasant, easy to talk to and he happily answered any questions, no matter how silly they may have been. He made my confidence grow. I would recommend MPH Driving Academy to others because the price is good and the instructor was friendly which makes you more relaxed when learning to drive.
Mark was always accommodating with my lessons and when the day of the test came was very positive and helped me remain calm.
Thank you again Mark !!!
With your guidance and support I can now take my boys swimming and see my family more !!

Aleem Hussain - driving lessons Hampton Hargate Peterborough
Aleem Hussain – Hampton Hargate, Peterborough

So happy I chose MPH Driving Academy for my driving lessons in the end. Mark was always friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable on everything that he taught. His instructions were always clear and lessons planned with the objective of ultimately passing the practical driving test and producing a safe and confident driver. His pass rate speaks for itself. Passed first time thanks to MPH Driving Academy, highly recommended

Qiarna Bondswell - driving lessons Hampton Peterborough
Qiarna Bondswell – Hampton Vale, Peterborough

I had heard such good things about MPH Driving Academy so decided to take my driving lessons with them and switch from my previous driving school. So happy to have Andy as my instructor- I was so nervous to drive beforehand but he’s so patient and calm that my anxiety was reduced. Such a difference from my instructor at my previous driving school! Lessons were enjoyable and we went over anything I was having trouble with, so progressively I became more confident in overcoming these problem areas. Passed my test with only a few minors and seriously believe it was down to Andy

Jasmine Bunn - driving lessons Market Deeping
Jasmine Bunn – Market Deeping, Peterborough

Thank you so much to MPH Driving Academy for helping me pass my driving test, and because of your brilliant service I passed first time with no faults! And a special thanks to my instructor Andy for helping me build confidence in driving and helping me pass my test

Leah Barfield - driving lessons Hampton Vale Peterborough
Leah Barfield – Hampton Vale, Peterborough

I found out about MPH Driving Academy from when my sister, who passed through the same instructor. I chose MPH Driving Academy because my sister told me the driving lessons were good and because she passed first time. Overall I thought the last few months working with Mark has been well spent, after being really anxious originally and with some little things which did frustrate me, he re assured me which was a positive. I would highly recommend MPH Driving Academy to my friends and anyone else looking to start driving!

Sophie Barnes - driving lessons Market Deeping

Sophie Barnes – Market Deeping, Peterborough

I found out about MPH through several recommendations of friends. I chose the academy due to it’s very reasonable prices and I had only heard good things about the instructors. It turned out to be much better than I expected as I passed in just over 3 months. I found the experience very positive and enjoyable, always looking forward to my lessons. In particular, I found the teaching method excellent for me personally, as I felt pushed, but not rushed by any means. I always felt clear on where I was at, and what was the next step in the progression, as well as what I should be practicing! I would, and already have recommended the academy, in particular Andy, to anyone as I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in what can be a nerve-racking time!!

Ben Eustace - driving lessons Stilton Peterborough

Ben Eustace – Stilton, Peterborough

MPH Driving Academy was recommended to me my a friend. I chose them due to their competitive pricing and the fantastic reviews I had heard from my many friends who used them and passed their driving tests first time. The overall experience was fantastic, made even better passing first time. Mark always made time for lessons even on busy weeks the Christmas period. Can’t thank-you enough, and would definitely recommend

Caitlin Thompson - driving lessons Market Deeping

Caitlin Thompson – Market Deeping, Peterborough

I found out about Andy and the MPH Driving Academy through friends who recommended them.  Loads of people I knew learnt and passed with Andy.  It was a great experience.  I was a bit nervous but I found it really exciting.  Andy made me feel at ease, he understood where I was going wrong and supported me when needed.  I would definitely recommend the MPH Driving Academy as it was affordable, the learning was good, and the instructor friendly.

Devon Coles - driving lessons Yaxley Peterborough

Devon Coles – Yaxley, Peterborough

I found out about MPH just by searching for instructors close to me and I chose it because it had some really good reviews and there was a lot of flexibility available which was really important for me.
At first I was really nervous about driving but straight away I was put at ease and although I was pushed, I was never pushed beyond what I felt comfortable with. Caroline was brilliant with everything, all the manoeuvres were explained really clearly and made really quite easy and she was always more than happy to go over anything I wasn’t sure with.
I would 100% recommend MPH and Caroline, everything was so professional and she really did make learning to drive really fun and really easy. Thank you so much 🙂

Rebekah Bradshaw Driving Lessons Market Deeping

Rebekah Bradshaw – Market Deeping, Peterborough

I was needing a driving school and I overheard people talking about the MPH Driving Academy. I decided to get in touch and the response was good, so I booked a lesson.

I enjoyed my driving lessons – I always thought it would be scary learning to drive but I always felt safe in the car.

I liked Andy’s teaching methods as he always told me about my mistakes and let me learn from them. He never raised his voice at me or made me feel like i Had done anything extremely wrong.

I would certainly recommend MPH Driving Academy to others

Josh Marjoram Driving Lessons Yaxley Peterborough

Josh Marjoram – Yaxley, Peterborough

I went with the MPH Driving Academy as their website looked very professional and different to others. It also had very good reviews.
It was a good experience, and how I expected, each lesson was very well prepared. The teaching methods were very good and very clear. Each manoeuvre was made clear and set out into little parts to make it much easier.

I definitely would recommend MPH Driving Academy. This is because I thought MPH Driving Academy was very professional, reliable and wanted me to pass in the quickest way possible

Amy Crawshaw Driving Lessons Stanground Peterborough

Amy Crawshaw – Stanground, Peterborough

I didn’t want to go with one of the big major companies who you sometimes feel like they just want to push/rush you through. I wanted to find somewhere that was a bit more personal and attentive. I heard of MPH Driving Academy through a colleague who had just joined when I was looking; after already doing the majority of my lessons 6 years ago I thought I had forgotten everything and thought I would have to start from the very beginning.

Andy reassured me after my first lesson with him that, that wasn’t the case; his relaxed attitude and teaching reassured me that I was doing ok! Thank you for helping me pass after not having much confidence in my self

Josh Wilkin Driving Lessons Hampton Vale Peterborough

Josh Wilkin – Hampton Vale, Peterborough

I chose the MPH Driving Academy as I was recommended them by a friend. Learning to drive was completely different to what I had expected, and way more complicated!

My lessons were all very focussed though on specific areas, and if I was struggling extra time was spent on those areas rather than the bits I already understood.

I would absolutely recommend Mark and the MPH Driving Academy to others.

Tyler Edwards Driving Lessons Eye Peterborough

Tyler Edwards – Eye, Peterborough

I was given Andy’s number by a friend that recommended MPH Driving Academy. At this point I was already practising driving with my dad then started having lesson with Andy.

I enjoyed all my lessons and Andy helped give me all those extra tips needed for the driving test. I’m very pleased I found them and they helped me to pass first time

Elliott Long Driving Lessons Peterborough

Elliott Long – Woodston, Peterborough

I was given a gift voucher for my 17th Birthday and enjoyed the lesson that I decided to stay with the MPH Driving Academy. I found the experience of learning to drive challenging at times. I expected that I would be able to drive near instantly, I was definitely wrong!

However, when I found something hard I was given clear help and guidance which made it easy to understand and get to grips with. I found Mark’s teaching methods great – it got me through my test 1st time so I think that speaks for itself.

I would definitely recommend MPH Driving Academy to others, as they got me through my test at what was a very difficult time in my life.

Nathan Long Driving Lessons Hampton Vale Peterborough

Nathan Long – Hampton Vale, Peterborough

I went with the MPH Driving Academy because it was recommended to me by my brother and my friends.

The lessons were better than I’d expected and what I specifically liked was that the instructions were clear and precise.

The teaching was good and everything was easy to understand and follow which made learning to drive easier. I would certainly recommend the MPH Driving Academy as myself and many others have used them and passed their practical driving tests first time

Cameron Bauldry Driving Lessons Market Deeping

Cameron Bauldry – Market Deeping, Peterborough

After just one lesson it was clear that I was going to remain with Andy throughout, he understood my needs, was extremely flexible and really pushed me in the right direction.

Having grown up on the Isle of Wight (where there is only one duel carriage way) it was quite a shock coming somewhere where there were so many fast roads. This worried me to the point of putting it off for many years. I found that my worries were quickly distinguished with Andy. I was able to get used to the roads in quieter locations which gave me much needed confidences to push on and pass my test. Andy’s teaching methods were spot on. He was always calm and explained each one of my mistakes. I was made to feel comfortable from the very beginning.

When you hear some of the horror stories about driving instructors it can really put you off. I was lucky to have an instructor who was a great teacher and a nice guy. I will be highly recommending MPH Driving Academy and Andy to anyone who asks

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